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Lawrence Malloy's successful career of over 25 years has included worldwide travel for an international clientele shooting commercials, features, documentaries, and episodic television. His passionate, creative approach and technical mastery have earned the industry's highest honors in visual communications. Critics consistently rave about his visual mastery and unique story telling style. His commercial and dramatic images have been circulated world wide and have won top honors from the IABC, Telly Awards, Aurora Awards, and countless film festivals, including:


  • “The Guardians” (Best Family Film Award - New York Film Festival)

  • Documentary on LA Harbor (four Aurora Awards For Excellence)

  • “The Game” (Best Psychological Thriller - New York and San Diego Film Festivals) 

  • "Underbelly Blues" Tony Tarantino Producer (seven-time "Best Film" Award winner, winner of Independent Film Quarterly "Best Film Award")

  • “The Watermelon” (Diamond Award - California Film Festival) climbed to 154 on the IMDB best films list for two weeks. 


The following is a partial list of credits:


TELEVISION AND FILMS                                                                                              

Fatal Instinct (Feature) 

Waffle Hut (Television Pilot)     

Game On (Interactive Web Series - Disney)         

The Absents (Short)

Triple Standard (Short)

Blood and Water (Festival Short)

The Lake (Webisodes - Warner Bros))

“ELLE” A Modern Cinderella Tale (Feature) 

Alien Hunter (Television Pilot - SyFy)

The Watermelon (Feature)

39 Seconds (Festival Short)

The Guardians (HD Feature) 

The Game (HD Short)

True West (HD Feature)

Kamakiri (HD Short)

A To Z (HD Sit-Com Pilot)

Alley Dogs (Feature)

The Rise Of The Warner Brothers (HD Documentary)

Zanta Claus (Festival Short)

There Goes A (Syndicated Children's Series)

Homer’s Workshop (Syndicated Children's Series)

Majority Rules (Game Show Pilot)

M3D Online (International Syndication)

Grandpa’s Magic Shoebox (Syndicated Children's Series)

Charlie’s Angler’s (Fishing Show Pilot - TNN)

Psychic Chronicles (Pilot/Nationally Syndicate Series)

Power Healing (Docementary Series)

Domestic Abuse (Documentary)

COPS (Television Series - recurring episodes)

Miracle Man (Documentary)

AMC’s Hollywood Report (Series Opener)

A Day In The Dirt (HD Documentary)

Sci-Fi Awards (Special)

America’s Top Dog (Television Special)


COMMERCIAL TELEVISION ADVERTISING                                                                 

United HealthCare (national)                                                                                                   

Vampire Vineyards 

CareMore Insurance 

California Clinical Trials 

Universal Studios 

Kars Yes 

L.A. Looks 

Judge Lee Gates Campaign 

God Father Collector Series 



Beverly Hills Hair Design 

Motorola Star-Tac 

Larry H. Parker Attorney at Law 

BMW “Beverly Hills” 

BMW “London Street” 

BMW "Canada"

BMW “Chinese Monks” 

Audi - Rusnak Auto Sales

Mercedes Benz 

Lanzar Car Audio 



Kawasaki – “On The Water”

Waikoloa Marine Life Fund 

TV Fanfare Publications, Inc. 

OKTV/Primestar Promotion Spots 

The Guardian Safety Game 


Mrs. Galaxy 

The Department of Water and Power 

The Artist’s Choice 

CIC HandWriter 


The New LA Harbor 

Kawasaki America – The New Kawasaki

Smart Heart Nutraceuticals 

Verizon Vcast 

Clean Water



The Godfather                                                                                                     

The Godfather            

Mission Impossible   

Blood of a Poet       

Men In Black             

Starship Troopers      

Clint Black              

Air Force One

Little Princess 


Lion King

Hunchback of Notre Dame 

Toy Story

Mel Brooks 

Jurassic Park 

39 Minutes 

The Guardians 



INFOMERCIAL & DIRECT MARKETING                                                                         

Acacia Fitness Video                                                                     

LA Harbor 

Star Nail Beautiful 

General Nuclear 

Wells Fargo 

TransAmerica Occidental 

Country Wide Mortgage


True Vision Cosmetics

Smart Mop 

Miracle Mop 

ISI Financial Conferences 

Flying Lure 

Golf Swing Programmer 

Mark Wilson’s Course in Magic 


Vision For Life 

Back In Shape 

The Guardians Safety Game 

Smart Heart/Premier Nutraceuticals 

Magna RX 

Continental Land Title

The Godfather Library Edition 

The Blind Children’s Foundation of America

New Port Corps. Smart Table 

Automobile Dealers Association of America 

National Heart Association 





Optimize Films LLC., Luciano Saber Dir.

Transition Entertainment, Producer

Transition Entertainment, Producer

Continuum Pictures, Danny Torres Producer, Jason Durdon Dir.

Branden Blinn Media Group, Branden Blinn Dir.

Conor Walshe, Jason Dimittry Steinbuchel Producers, Richell Morissey Dir.

D Generate Productions, Jason Priestly Dir.

Solano-Dunson Entertainment Productions, Sean & John Dunson Dir., 

Kevin Rubio Producer, Shant Jordon Dir. Special Effects

LightSong Films, Brad Mays Dir.

Carolyn McCray Producer

Ruffhouse Productions, Steve Hummel Dir., NY Film Festival Winner “Best Family Film”

Ed Sanchez Dir., New York Film Festival Winner “Best Psychological Thriller”

Film adaptation of the Sam Sheppard play, Brian Burke Dir.

David Johnson Dir., currently in production

Five + Six Productions, Robert Moen Dir., John Mazza Producer 

Two Lamps Productions, James Connelly Dir. 

Warner Sisters Producers, Cass Warner Dir.

Carolyn McCray Producer, Ryan Petti Dir.

Warner Home Video, Lou Tatum, Producer (3-time Telly Award Winning show)

Mike Rubalcava Producer, Home Depot/Coke Sponsored

DreamWorks SKG, Steven Spielberg, Exec Producer

Award winning children’s puppet show, an M3D Production

Primestar Satellite Systems, Barry Simon, Producer

TNN, Colleen McCrary, Producer

UPN, Tim Kettle, Producer

UPN, Tim Kettle Producer

UPN, David Shiff, Producer

UPN, David Shiff, Producer

ESPN Award Winning Documentary, Ben Smart, Producer

AMC, Tim Kettle, Producer

Motocross Racing, Michael Bryant Dir., Joe Moore Producer (On Any Sunday II)

SyFy Channel Producers

A&E, Victor Currie, Fox Producers  



Hu-man Element, Producer

Weirdsmobile Productions, Lotti Knowles Producer

Rick Ojeda/Hu-man Element Producer/Director

Victor Currie, Producer/Director

Victor Currie Producer/Director

Lewis Lipstone, Producer/Director

Dona Lisa Valencia, Producer/Director

Richard Radstone, Producer/Director

Paramount Pictures, Light Source & Imagery, Producers

Richard Radstone, Producer/Director

Quad-ATV, Dannon Corp. Producer

Jack Haley, Producer/Director

Naczinski & Associates, Producer, John Naczinski Director

Joan Renfro, Producer, Jeff Blake Director

M Creative, Victor Currie Producer

M Creative, Victor Currie Producer

M Creative, Victor Currie Producer

M Creative, Victor Currie Producer

Rick Ojeda/Hu-man Element Producer/Director

Rick Ojeda/Hu-man Element Producer/Director

Scott Robinson, Producer/Director

M Creative Producer, Victor Currie Director

Point Blank, Illinois, William Daniels, Producer

Dannon Corp., Producer

Victor Currie, Producer/Director

Victor Currie, Keith Sonne, Producers

Venture Media Prod., Michael Rubalcava, Dir.

KidSational Inc., Lawrence Malloy, Steve Ruff, Producers

Victor Currie Director / Producer

ESPN, Ken South, Producer

Richard Solty Producer

Macromedia Corp., Susan Tetchy, Producer/Director

Computer Intelligence Corp., Al Abrams, Producer/Director

For the New York Auto Show Opening, Dannon Corp. Producer

Aurora Award Winning Documentary, M Creative Inc., Seth Pinsker Producer

Dannon Corp., Producer

Jackie Haley Producer / Director

Hollywood Report, 2007 Academy Awards Broadcast

California State Department of Water Resources, Dianna Slate Dir., M Creative Inc.


Paramount Pictures

Collector Series, Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Sony Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Sony Pictures

Music Video, Columbia Records, Fitzgerald Heartly Co., Producer

Columbia Tri-Star

Columbia Tri-Star

Columbia Tri-Star

Disney Publications

Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive

Columbia Tri-Star

Universal Studios

Solar Flare Productions (Festival Release)

Ruffhouse Productions

Robinson Productions (Festival Release) 

Hu-Man Element Productions, Rick Ojeda Director

M Creative Producers, Seth Pinsker Director

Tony Cuccio Producer, Lawrence Malloy Director

M Creative Producers, Seth Pinsker Director

Allis Tiss Producer/Director

TAO PR Producers

M Creative Producers, Seth Pinsker Director

Jim Cladwell, Producer/Director

Jenny Lee Harrison, Producer

Joan Renfro, Producer/Director

Joan Renfro, Producer/Director

Robert Zakon, Producer

Jim Caldwell, Producer/Director

Victor Currie, Robert Chesney, Producers, Victor Currie Director

Mark Wilson, Producer, Lawrence Malloy Director

Jim Caldwell, Producer/Director

Vision for Life International, Victor Currie, Producer/Director

Back In Shape Inc., Teresa Marino, Producer/Director

Lawrence Malloy, Producer/Director

Jackie Haley, Producer/Director

MIH Inc., Billy Frank Producer/Director

Joe Ferangi Producer/Director

Light Source and Imagery Producers/Director

Victor Currie Producer/Director

Mars New Media Producer, Nick Sahakian Director

Victor Currie Producer/Director

NHS Producers, Jim Fowler Director


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